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The OpenBIOS Project

The OpenBIOS project coordinates all free and open source implementations of the Open Firmware standard. Yet our development team is rather small. You are welcome to contact us, if you

  • want to help developing drivers, support for new systems, write documentation.
  • need help porting Open Firmware to your custom hardware and are looking for specialists to get it done.

Of course we appreciate any help, hints, patches, comments, etc.

NOTE: Please read our Code of Conduct.


Development and other things about OpenBIOS are discussed on the OpenBIOS mailing list. If you want to contribute, ask questions, get information or have some ideas, please subscribe to this list. It's currently very low traffic. If you have patches, feel free to send them to the list, too. Please note: To keep the amount of spam as low as possible, only subscribed users are allowed to post to the list.

Internet Relay Chat

Currently most of the discussion moved over to Internet Relay Chat (IRC). You can find us on in #coreboot. Most people are in CET timezone, so don't give up when this channels seems very quiet for some time.

Here you have the chance to talk to people being involved or interested in this project. Most of the discussion is tech talk. There's no need to ask whether you are allowed to ask. Questions on OpenBIOS, coreboot, firmware and related topics are welcome.

Project Maintainer

The OpenBIOS Project is maintained by Stefan Reinauer from coresystems GmbH. If you have any questions regarding the project that are beyond the scope of the mailing list, please contact Stefan